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A Japanese family run cozy accommodation in Hakuba Nagano Japan the 1998 Nagano winter olympic venue. 3hours from Tokyo.
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Hakuba web camera click here
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Welcome to Hakuba cozy accommodation Hayaokidori official web site in Nagano Japan.
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Hakuba Goryu & Hakuba47 , Happo, Tsugaike ski slopes are available now! Click here
白馬五竜スキー場ライブカメラ by白馬ストリート
Hakuba Goryu ski slope live cam
Many ski slopes in Hakuba have botanical gardens around for summer. They will prepare for 2014-15 season after the flowers are over. You can enjoy this live cam to see them!! Looking forward to seeing you here in Hakuba.
Hayaokidori English blog Earlybird Express
Now a HO (16.5mms) gauge model train layout is under construction, will be soon available to play with! Any model train nuts out there? Janpanese, European and American model trains are in action!
Run your own train in our layout!

Tributes of Sun-Alpine ski slope trip with Hayaokidori inn master.
Jan.2006 Feb.2007
Flowers get in bloom at the same time here in Hakuba waiting for snow all away. Skunk cabbages, adonis, zazensou, dogteeth violets etc.
  • Spring ski/snowboard
  • Snowscoot
  • Flower watching
  • Trekking
  • Salt road walking
  • Cross country walking
  • Mountainbiking
  • Paragliding
  • Rafting
  • Kayaking
  • Mountaineering
  • Waterskiing
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Hot springs
  • Fishing
Cool wind blow here in Hakuba. Not hot, not humid. Good to escape from hot and humid big cities.
Red and yellow leaves come down mountains. Beautiful and awesome scene, one of Japan has to offer.
Japan gets tons of snow in winter, many big ski slopes available in Hakuba ski resorts. Please enjoy skiing and snowboarding, have fun!
  • Ski / Snowboard
  • Hot springs
  • Ice fishing
The signboard just in front of our house, it says "Hayaokidori".  

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Wireless LAN connection available, you can use your own laptop if you bring one with you. Please have a LAN card with it. Also we provide a computer for internet connection.
Internet Explorer 11.0, Google chrome are equipped. No mailer. You can e-mail anyone using some web based e-mail accounts like hotmail, yahoo ones.

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Japan has a lot of hot springs ( onsen ) all over, a great way to relax. This picture above is Mimizuku no yu, they have a partial outdoor one.

Ice candles the Finnish old traditional stuff goes on at Hayaokidori! Click here


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